Who We Are

Gresham's Drywall is a Drywall Contracting company that services homes and businesses throughout  Pennsylvania, New Jersey,  DC and North Carolina.  With over 20 years of experience, Sam Gresham provides quality work in a quick, professional to manner. From drywall installation and finishing to drywall repair, Gresham's Drywall does it all!

Our History
Home Construction

After being trained by a professional contractor, Sam Gresham continued gaining additional knowledge through research and hard work. In 2016, he launched Gresham’s Drywall LLC as a community centered business.


Initially taking on jobs for family, friends and those in his community, he grew his business into one that now spans several states with its clientele. With numerous positive reviews both on and offline, Gresham’s Drywall has demonstrated its dedication to quality, affordability and reliability.